In 2002 the company commenced processing of frozen fruits and vegetables and in 2004 –producing of purees and concentrates.
In 2003 was put the start to production of solo and block frozen strawberries, cherries, apricots, plums, raspberries, blackberries, red and green pepper. The company established the “AGROFRUIT” trade-mark which is already recognized on the market.



pepper cubes-red string beans apricots blue plums-stenley

IQF Red pepper, dice

IQF String beans

IQF Apricot, halves, hand-cut

IQF Blue plum sort “Stanley”

pepper-california sort pepper stripes-mixed raspberries

IQF Cherry, calibrated

Pepper, “California wonder”

IQF Pepper, stripe, mix

IQF Raspberry

pepper cubes-mixed okra strawberries

IQF Peach, dice

IQF Pepper, dice, mix

IQF Okra

IQF Strawberry

pepper stripes-green pepper stripes-red wild blackberries cherry-brandy

IQF Green pepper, stripe

IQF Red pepper, stripe

IQF Wild blackberry

IQF Cherry, sort “Brandy”

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