In 2002 an enterprise for frozen food and vegetables processing was opened and in 2004 for production of mousses and messes.

Since 26.05.2003 the production of frozen strawberries has been started and after that apricot, prunes, raspberries, blackberries and red and green pepper. The company has registered a trademark “Agrofruit” and has already been established on the market for frozen fruit and vegetables.

The enterprise comprises an area of 10 decares, 2000 sq. m. of which are covered – production, storing and administrative area. The main executor is “Pinguin YU.N.” OOD – a company with good traditions in the fridge equipment works.

The company has at its disposal the following production capacities:
A line for processing cherries and morel lo cherries with capacity 1t./hour;
A line for processing strawberries - 1t./hour;
A line for processing peppers - 650 kg./hour;
Automation frozen tunnel, a line - 1t./hour on the basis of green peas;
Two immovable frozen tunnels - altogether 400kg./hour on the basis of green peas;
Automatic packing machine;
Three storage chambers - 150tons each.

In 2004 the company start using a blanch machine and will have the following maximum capacity for the production of solo frozen fruit and vegetables:
Strawberries - 200 tons;
Cherries calibrated without stones - 300 tons;
Morel lo cherries without stones - 150 tons;
Apricots by halves without stone - 150 tons;
Raspberries - 300 tons;
Blueberries - 200 tons;
Prunes by halves without stones - 500 tons;
Peppers - red and green. Stripes and cubes - total - 500 tons;
Carrots by cubes - 300 tons;
Okra - 200 tons;
Cut into discs leek - 200 tons;