On the site for purees, concentrates and mixtures production there is installed a 1000 kg per hour- capacity Beztuzzi (Italy) technological line. It consists of a line for purees production and a concentrate line.
The freezers are equipped with Riva Cold (Italy) block aggregates and are designed for storing of 300 t finished production.

The freezer for thermal processing and freezing of okra, string beans, broccoli, pepper, apricots, peaches, blue plums and others are fitted up with OIMP (Italy) technological lines, a FAM (Belgium) cubes and stripes cutting machine, a Meccano Frutta (Italy) blue plums processing line, a Cabin (Denmark) scalder, etc.
The capacity of the Eurotek (England) automatic freezing tunnel is 1500 kg per hour.
The freezers are equipped with Bitzer (Germany) compressors, Frimental (Spain) air-conditioners and Danfoss (Denmark) automatics, all of them constructed to store 700t. of finished production.

In the building for strawberry, raspberry, apricot, morello cherry and cherry freezing there are installed Meccano Frutta (Italy) technological lines for cherry and morello cherry processing.
The automatic freezing tunnel has a capacity of 1000 kg per hour and is manufactured by Eurotek (England). The two manual freezing tunnels have an overall capacity of 400 kg per hour. The freezer is equipped with components produced by Bitzer Frimental, Danfoss and other companies well-known on international scale. The freezers for storing of finished production ( 600 t) are fitted up with Mecalux (Spain) storing systems.