The company “Agrofruit” Stock association

is recognized among the farmers. The problem most of the processing enterprises meet with the provision, especially of fruit, is solved for the company through contracting agreements with the manufacturers in advance against providing agro - chemical services.



is considered to be the botanical garden of Europe. We have the chance to grow almost all sorts of plants, the combination of soils and the climate makes the Bulgarian fruit and vegetables highly valued and sought. The conducted agricultural reform has decreased the production of fruit and vegetables almost three times in comparison with 1990. During the last three or four years the decrease in the production of vegetables has been overcome and now it is about 1 500 thousand tons and of fruit on average 1 100 thousand tons.

41 % /2183 tons/ from the export for 2000 is pepper. Compared with 1998 the export of pepper has been increases almost twice. The interest in the frozen vegetables is connected with the convenience and quickness of preparing ready-made food and salads, as well as with the catering establishments. The increase of the pepper in the general structure of the export is connected with another reason – the fridge capacity is used during the autumn period when fridges are not exploited very much. For the countries – members of the European Union the registered in 2000 export was 954 tons of pepper and the export was mainly for Germany – 653 tons and for Austria – 108 tons. For the countries – members of the Central European Free Trade Agreement 1092 tons were exported as the general destinations were Poland – 708 tons and Check Republic – 366 tons.

The reason for widening the activity in the field of the production of solo and block frozen fruit and vegetables, is the good partnership on the basis of agreements in advance.

The second important reason is that these agreements give opportunity to load the production capacity from May to November. Storing of the production is also provided.

The third advantage is the possibility for quick delivery, especially of the easily spoiled fruit. The production of mousses and gruel closes the cycle of the complete processing which gives a chance for agreeing upon the whole production of a definite agricultural producer.


The geographical location of the company is Stara Zagora almost in the center of Bulgaria and very near to all the regions producing fruit and vegetables which reduces the transportation costs.

And not finally – the company develops its activities in a place where there are enough workers.